IDRiM2024 | The 14th International Conference of the International Society for the INTEGRATED DISASTER RISK MANAGEMENT

Workshop Programme

We are pleased to present the draft program for the IDRiM Virtual Workshop!


Please CLICK HERE to view/download the workshop programme (last updated September 23).


All participants/attendees are required to register through the BagEvent platform (REGISTER HERE) in order to participate/attend the online workshop. We will share the final programme along with the URL for each workshop session only with registered attendees, so please register at your earliest convenience if you would like to attend the event. Registrations must be completed no later than 20 September 2020.

Presentations have been assigned to sessions recommended by the reviewers and conference organisers. Moreover, we have tried to promote opportunities for international research exchange and collaboration. Please also note that the date and time of each session has been allotted giving priority to the time zone of the session chairs.

If you have any special requests for changes in the workshop programme, please contact us by September 13 (Sunday) 2020. Requests will not be accepted after September 13.

Special Sessions

Participatory creative design to address complex challenges of risk governance | Ilan CHABAY and Norio OKADA

This four hour interactive workshop will engage early career researchers and practitioners in a collaborative exploration of creative design processes for disaster risk governance. The purpose of the workshop is to expand and enhance participants’ ways of learning, thinking and working with communities to build resilience and to anticipate, respond to, and recover from disasters. We will expand our mutual creative thinking space and draw on the diverse experiences, cultures, and contexts of workshop participants to explore pathways toward effective governance of “complex systemic risks”. Takeaways for the participants will be experience with the creative design process itself, a framework and reasons for developing creative pathways toward solutions, and connections to other participants who share similar concerns and a desire to collaborate in the future.

Central European TimeJapan Standard TimeTopicParticipants
8:0015:00Introduction to workshop: Goals, FormatN. Okada, I. Chabay
8:2015:20Short, informal self-introductions of participants (1-2min each)All
8:4515:45We will have a very unusual guest at our workshop. Our guest is an Alien being who
arrived recently from Andromeda Galaxy. The friendly Alien guest wants to
understand what kinds of complex systemic risks affect human societies and what
humans do about these risks. To help the Alien, we will discuss examples of
risk management or governance that are most important
for each of us and explore the challenges and questions that arise from these
Alien, All
10:1517:15Break – Rest your brains and refill your coffee or tea cups
10:3017:30Reflections on creative design processes: Did helping the Alien help us to think about risk governance?N. Okada, I. Chabay
11:0018:00Focus on finding new pathways to solutions for problems of risk governance in different contexts, including in educationAll
12:0019:00Summary of ideas and insights from this very short workshopAll
12:1519:15Next steps: Networking, Collaborations, Writing, Workshops?All

What is your ‘IDRiM’ – what is your experience of or idea for a collaborative project? | Subhajyoti SAMADDAR, Hideyuki SHIROSHITA, Yoshihiro OKUMURA, Ravindra JAYARATNE and Kaori KITAGAWA

This session will start with brief presentations by the chairs on their interdisciplinary collaborative projects. The session panel will then discuss with the audience what effective collaborative projects look like in actualising integrated disaster risk management. The number of collaborative projects that involve researchers from different disciplines and diverse stakeholders including local populations has been increasing in recent years. What are issues and challenges in these projects? Have you been part of good practices? Do you have any project ideas?

Women in disaster science: A networking session | Yoko MATSUDA and Junko MOCHIZUKI

This virtual network session is intended to give both young and experienced researchers (primarily female, but male participants welcome!) an opportunity to connect during the IDRiM Virtual Workshop. As this is the first such networking session targeted at women in the IDRiM Society, the primary aim of this session will be to simply connect, get to know each other in a friendly virtual environment, and identify any professional needs of participants regarding networking, peer-support, and/or mentoring. In case there are specific wishes from participants, and suitable speakers are available, we will also organise a short panel session by experienced female practitioners/researchers to share their perspectives on career paths for female scientists/practitioners in the area of integrated disaster risk research and implementation. If you have any suggestions for topics to discuss or for speakers to invite, please contact us and let us know!

We are very excited about the IDRiM Virtual workshop! We hope you will utilise this opportunity to present and discuss your work with senior researchers and other early-career researchers!

Once again, please bear in mind that this is still a draft version of the program. Some small changes are still possible.

Thank you for your understanding.
Best Regards,

IDRiM Virtual Workshop Organisers