IDRiM2024 | The 14th International Conference of the International Society for the INTEGRATED DISASTER RISK MANAGEMENT

Presentation Material

You may find here presentation material from the IDRiM Virtual Workshop from presenters that kindly shared it afterwards.

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Note: Names are grouped according to sessions, following the workshop programme format.

Keynote Speech
Adam Rose
The Impacts of the COVID-19 on the Economy of the United States

Session 1-1: How to close the gap between science and policy toward effective implementation; Disaster Insurance
Ghafory-Ashtiany Mohsen (06046)
Building Bridge Between Science and Policy for Effective DRR
Hina Akram (06086)
RISK AND (UN)CERTAINTY – The Implications of the Relationship
Session 1-3: Build Back Better even Before Disaster and Participatory Governance
Matsubara Yu (22016)
How can we compromise a conflict between economic recovery and life reconstruction in the aftermath of disasters?
Session 2-2: Risk and culture
Goltz James (09091)
The Cultural Dimension of Disaster: Beliefs and Behavioral Response
Adu-Gyamfi Bismark (09014)
Characterizing the Impact of Population Diversity on Risk Information Delivery and Accessibility. A Case of Foreigners in the Kanto Region of Japan
Tzioutzios Dimitrios (09045)
Sociodemographic Influences on Public Interest for Natech Risk Information
Nakano Genta (09013)
Triggering the tsunami evacuation of tourists with the concept of “Nudge”
Session 2-3: DRR Implementation Case Studies
Ghafory-Ashtiany Mohsen (07047)
How DRR policies can get implemented, Bangladesh Case Study
Ghanbarzadeh Ghomi Sara (20056)
Living-Transforming Post-disaster Accommodation: Towards a Long-term Housing Conceptual Approach that Extends Beyond Sustainability
Das Manomita (07052)
Living with urban floods: A case study of Kolkata
Session 2-4: COVID-19: Insights through the lens of IDRiM
Medina Angeli (01001-A)
The Continuum of COVID-19 Pandemic in the Philippines
Session 3-3: Conceptions of Disaster and the Corona Virus: What the Pandemic is Teaching Us
Goltz James (08060)
Covid-19 and the Peculiar Nature of Gradual Onset Disasters
Thapa Kamakshi (08053)
Das Manomita (08055)
Understanding COVID-19 as a ‘disaster’ – A sociological perspective
Session 3-4: Community and Narrative based Disaster Risk Management
Jong-il Na (23041)
The Role of Relief Support Agency and Measures to Improve the Disaster Relief System -Case Study of 2019 Goseong Fire-
Juho Lee (26043)
What is a Successful Leadership in a Disaster Situation? -Based on the Assessment of the Disaster Response Case in Korea
Koo Bonjun (23085)
Using Narrative Approach to Air Pollution Study: Focusing on a Community in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Ryu Jeong (23094)
How did they become social activists?: The meaning of activities for Parents living with Sewol Ferry Disaster
Session 4-1: Strengthening Participatory Adaptive Governance at Local level: Evidence based Lessons on Natural and Social Risks
Chatterji Manas (12002)
Disaster Management and Developing Countries
Session 4-2: Disaster education, community-based disaster management, disaster risk communication
Chasanah Faizul (24019)
Assessment of Social Vulnerability in Evacuation Process from Mount Merapi: Focusing on People’s Behavior and Mutual Assistance
Danis Christina (24058)
Choosing a Resilience Partner: A Comparative Study of U.S. Regional Natural Hazard Preparedness
Session 4-3: Economic impact assessment
Tanaka Hajime (21081)
Compound Disaster Impact Assessment of Tsunami and COVID-19: An Approach of General Equilibrium for Mie Prefecture, Japan
Session 5-1: Risk and development: A dialogue on transforming development and disaster risk
Gaurkhede Namrata Tharwani (10026)
Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS) – it’s applicability in alleviating flood risk in Mumbai (an Indian megacity)
Rahman Md Zakiur (09040)
Earthquake and fire hazard risk perception: A study on the emerging Rangpur City of Bangladesh
Session 5-4: Community and Narrative based Disaster Risk Management
Tzioutziou Anastasia (27048)
AgEnDA: a digital platform for city event management
Sebanti Chatterjee
The impact of Amphan on health sector in Kolkata: A case study on people going through cancer treatment
Session 5-5: The Management, Governance and Psychology of Pandemics: Experiences from COVID-19
Medina Angeli (01001-B)
Healthcare Continuity During COVID-19 Pandemic in New York
Souza Patricia Carla (17092)
Debkalpa Basu Das
The role of theatre with Ecofeminism approach in combating COVID pandemic
Session 5-7: Systemic risk, compound events and cascading effects
Chengfang Huang (05005)
Assessment of the economic cascading effect on future climate change in China: Evidence from agricultural direct damage