IDRiM2024 | The 14th International Conference of the International Society for the INTEGRATED DISASTER RISK MANAGEMENT

Symbol of the walls of Cartagena and the castle:

The iconic walls and Castle of San Felipe de Cartagena represent more than the architectural identity of the city; They symbolize strength and protection against the dangers of the environment, becoming a symbol of resilience against disasters and extreme weather events, where people come together to build a safe future for their community. They highlight the need to build adaptive strategies to address the impacts of climate change in urban and coastal areas, being a topic of great importance within what will be addressed at the conference.

Connection to climate change: The walls of Cartagena can be seen as a symbol of resistance and adaptation. Just as these imposing historic structures protect and fortify the city, defending it from external invasions, climate change challenges us in a similar way, demanding a barrier of adaptation and mitigation. Confronting the effects of climate change means building a strong, strategic defense, leveraging both natural engineering and innovative solutions to protect our communities and natural environments from the onslaught of a changing climate.  

Response in territory: The fact that the castle is located in Cartagena demonstrates that it protects its inhabitants or those who live within it, the conference will focus its attention on the need to develop capacities at the local level to prepare, respond and recover from extreme events, recognizing that effective action occurs on the ground, in the affected communities and cities, working primarily with a direct approach towards the communities.

Yellow: Could represent prevention and planning to reduce disaster risks. Highlights the importance of community preparedness, public education about risks, and implementation of mitigation measures.

Blue: May represent preparedness and response to water-related disasters such as floods, tsunamis, or hurricanes. It can also symbolize the calm and stability needed during crisis situations. In the context of President Gustavo Petro’s National Development Plan it means Life and Peace, and the focus of construction around water as our essential and vital resource.

Orange: In the field of disaster risk management, it is associated with coordination and rapid action during emergencies.